Myosotis palustris 'Alba'

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Small marsh plant with intense white flowers, also known as forget-me. In the pond it must be cultivated immersed for a maximum of 5 cm in the vicinity of the shores.

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Myosotis palustris 'Alba' is a small plant with intense white flowers. It is part of the family of the Boraginaceae and is native to Europe, North America and New Zealand. The myosotis palustis (myosotis scorpioides) can grow to a height of 15-30 cm, has elongated oval leaves and small white flowers in clusters that bloom in spring and summer, unaffected by frost and leaves continue to remain green even in winter until the temperatures do not become too rigid. It is known as forget-me and is widespread in Europe and North America. It can be cultivated out of the water keeping the soil is always damp. In the pond it can also be cultivated immersed for up to 5 cm of water, along the banks or on some rock.

In winter good resistance at low temperatures but can lose the aerial part, tolerate low temperatures down to -25 ° C.

On sale from March to October.

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30 cm
Sun Exposure:
Full sun to partial shade
Planting depth from the surface of the water:
from 0 to 5 cm
Type of soil:
USDA Zone 5a: to -28.8 °C (-20 °F)
5 plants per square meter.
Bloom Time:
May - August
Flower Color:
Leaf color:
Ease of Growth:

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