Typha latifolia 'Variegata'

Typha latifolia 'Variegata'

Ornamental Grass marsh plant with variegated green leaves , and cylindrical spikes brown almost dark red. It should be placed on moist soil in shallow areas of ponds and natural swimming pools. It can also be used for Constructed wetlands. Hardy plant that tolerates very cold winters.

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Typha latifolia Variegata is a marsh plant with rhizomatous roots, it reaches a height of up to 2 meters and is very decorative. It has variegated green leaves of white 1-2 cm wide, long and linear. The ears are cylindrical brown almost deep red. It should be planted in moist soil or muddy or in a body of water to a depth of 30 cm. It can also be used in constructed wetlands systems although it has a less vigorous growth of other typha and he always recommends the inclusion in artificial ponds, not only as an ornamental plant but also for fitodepurare water, especially in lakes with many fish.

This variety should be placed in partial shade on a neutral ground, even very gravelly. It tolerates low temperatures.

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Data sheet

160 - 180 cm
Sun Exposure:
Full sun to partial shade
Planting depth from the surface of the water:
from 05 to 30 cm
Type of soil:
USDA Zone 6a: to -23.3 °C (-10 °F)
Bloom Time:
June - August
Flower Color:
Leaf color:
Green variegated white
Ease of Growth:

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