Iris Pseudacorus

Iris pseudacorus

Water iris with  flowers bright yellow, bloom between April and July. Native plant is also used in constructed wetland and bio-pools.

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Pseudoacorus Iris is a herbaceous perennial plant also over 1 meter high.
He lives along the banks of rivers and lakes, both on the ground wet and immersed in water. The rhizome is oblique, dark, with a diameter of one centimeter. The stem is erect and branched at the top.
The basal leaves are erect, long as the stem, sword-shaped, with prominent midrib; cauline leaves are similar to basal ones, but shorter.
The flowers are gathered in groups armpit large green bracts and can exceed 10 cm in diameter; have deep yellow color and appear from April to July. The fruit is a capsule. This Iris is used very often in constructed wetlands plants, its rhizome absorbs and stores also the heavy metals dissolved in water.
It should be planted in places where the soil is always moist or edges of a pond up to 40 cm deep from the surface of the water; in full sun or partial shade light. Does not fear the harsh winters and withstands temperatures up to -28 ° C.

INDIGENOUS plant suitable for constructed wetlands plants, bio-pools, ponds and koipond.

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Data sheet

90 cm
Sun Exposure:
Full sun
Planting depth from the surface of the water:
from 0 to 40 cm
Type of soil:
USDA Zone 4a: to -34.4 °C (-30 °F)
5 plants per square meter.
Bloom Time:
April - July
Leaf color:
Ease of Growth:
Name of breeder:

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