Nymphoides Peltata

Nymphoides peltata

Ninfeacea with floating leaves heart-shaped and with long and strong stalks. Very hardy plant, also lives on deep water up to 2 meters.

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aquatic plant belonging to the family Menyanthaceae. It is native to Asia but a long time is also found wild in Europe.
Presents with large heart-shaped leaves floating features a dozen centimeters very similar to the leaves of water lilies and with long and strong stalks. In summer it produces many flowers of five golden-yellow petals Ragged, wide 3-4 cm emerging a few centimeters from the surface.
The Nymphoides peltata is a very hardy plant, also lives on two meters deep water but recommended the cultivation of deep lakes and ponds up to 1 meter, flowering from June to August.

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Data sheet

0 cm, on the water surface.
Sun Exposure:
Full sun
Planting depth from the surface of the water:
from 30 to 60 cm
Medium size
USDA Zone 7a: to -17.7 °C (0 °F)
2 plants per square meter.
Bloom Time:
June - August
Flower Color:
Leaf color:
Emerald green
Ease of Growth:
Name of breeder:
Autoctona Europea

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