• Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae
  • Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae
Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae
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Hydrocharis morsus ranae

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Small floating aquatic plant with pure white flowers. Also suitable for smaller ponds and frost resistant.

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Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae is a water plant, vessel and with free roots that, in case of scarcity of water, can be rooted to the ground. He leaves with the long petiole heart-shaped, arranged in a rosette and stretches on the water surface. The shape and arrangement of the leaves do resemble this little plant to a water lily in miniature. The Frogbit has flowers with three white three green sepals and petals. Flowering occurs from June to September and the pollination is done by insects. To survive during the winter it produces at the end of the stolons of the small shoots that, burdened by reserves accumulated from starch, the death of the plant will sink in the mud who will defend them from frost. In the spring, exhausted stocks of starch and become lighter, the surface will rebound buds to colonize the pond again. is considered a relict Tertiary Era, when the climate was warmer and wetter than today.

It should be left floating in the pond where it tends to hide among other plants.

For sale only in bare root (or portion of the rhizome) from March to October.

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Data sheet

0 cm, on the water surface.
Sun Exposure:
Full sun
Planting depth from the surface of the water:
0 cm, on the water surface
USDA Zone 5b: to -26.1 °C (-15 °F)
5 plants per square meter.
Bloom Time:
May - September
Flower Color:
Leaf color:
Emerald green
Ease of Growth:
Name of breeder:
Autoctona Europea

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