Who is Arborea Farm

The specialists in waterplants

We are a small nursery in northern Italy, which produces and sells water lilies, lotus, water plants, marsh plants, plants for moist soil and plants for phytoremediation.

Arborea Farm was born from our passion for this ecosystem, the symbiosis between plants and animals continues to surprise us. Our passion for aquatic plants has led us to look for new species and varieties rare and unusual, as well as the reproduction of plants in our area, we firmly believe in this!

Our methods for propagating plants are environmentally sustainable, our business policy has as priority the respect of nature.

In our nursery you can find a collection of over 650 varieties of plants adapted to aquatic ecosystems, both for miniponds (small bowls to the balcony) to plants for real lakes, we are always looking for rare plants, new hybrids and native plants difficult to find.

We satisfy the requirements of both business operators which private customers.

Currently the company is made up of Christian and Mauro, they continue their work of collection, research and experimentation.

Christian has always been fascinated by the world of plants, his love at first sight for aquatic plants occurred only at twenty, but since then it can not do without it.

Mauro, always fond of water plants, having built and undone three ponds, getting bigger and colonized the garden with bowls, along with christian decided to launch this nursery.

You can find our plants in the nursery, in our e-commerce site or in the events of gardening in which we participate.

P.S. To visit our nursery there are no predetermined times or days ... It 'can do on APPOINTMENT ONLY ...

Please send me an email, we will respond in a short time!


Contact Information

Arborea Farm S.S. Società Agricola

Via Piave 96/a, Istrana (TV)

mail: info@arboreafarm.com