The Lotus in winter

The Nelumbo (Sacred Lotus) are herbaceous perennials, which follow the normal growth cycle of herbaceous perennials: follow the seasons; when the days are shorter and cooler temperatures, they go dormant.
In most areas of Italy, where the ice is unable to penetrate deeply, they do not need any special precautions. But for Lotus pot grown outside the pond, lotus bowls, and for colder areas, we suggest several ways to protect your plants until spring.

Pots are located outside:

In temperate and Mediterranean climates, where ice can not penetrate the soil of potted Loto, these can be left where they are; but it is important not to fertilize the plants during autumn and winter. is the case with almost all the areas of Italy.

Alternatively or for safety, the pots can be moved in the cellar, in a garage, against a wall, or in any COLD ZONE you have available, always maintaining the water level above the soil. 
CAUTION: Too Warm temperatures are harmful and cause premature awakening of plants with stunted growth due to poor lighting.
Alternatively, if you've got a pond, you can place them on the bottom of the pond until the coming of spring.

Pots inside the pond:

If you have a fairly deep pool, make sure that the Sacred Lotus pot is positioned at least 20 cm below the water surfacein this way the ice will not affect the dormant rhizomes that are located in the lower part of the pot. In the spring, return the pot in the usual position.

Almost all the varieties grown in pots, must be cleaned up from the rhizomes and roots from the old, at least every 3-4 years.