Wholesale and B2B trade sale

Arborea Farm is a nursery specializing in the production of aquatic plants, marsh and plants for constructed wetlands; both hardy and tropical. 

In recent years we have developed a specific line targeted at flower growers, nurserymen and garden centers, our goal is to provide first quality plants at sharply competitive prices taking care of the service offered to our customers with the utmost commitment.

Wholesale is reserved only for legal professionals such as:

  • Landscapers and garden designers
  • Gardeners
  • Garden center
  • Stores fish and animals
  • Designers and operators specialized in constructed wetland and natural swimming pools

For shipments to foreign countries, will be released on the phytosanitary certificate, to additional cost of € 100.00 per pack / pallet or for every 2700 kg of products.

We will be happy to help in the design and choosing plants most suitable to your case, the discounts will be evaluated individually.

For information, availability and prices, please send an email to info@arboreafarm.com