The ISG lilies, blue hardy waterlily

The new hybrids of water lilies

The waterlilies ISG or Intersubgeneric, are hybrids between the hardy water lilies and tropical water lilies.

These lilies are hardy to all effects, are resistant to frost and freezing temperatures of 20 ° C below 0, but the colors and the behavior of the tropical water lilies, however (but perhaps it is also a great value), have slow growth and also their reproduction is not at all easy.

How were obtained these magnificent water lilies?

Already Latour-Marliac (the first breeder and hybridizer of water lilies), harbored the dream of getting a Blue water lily that resists cold climates of Europe, but until 2007, all attempts were in vain: either the plants do not produce seeds, or plants were born normal hardy water lilies.

In 2007, after 5 years of intense work, Pairat Songpanich, succeeded for the first time to get a hardy waterlily with purple flower, called Siam Blue Hardy.

This water lily has surprised and amazed all fans and collectors of water lilies, many are those who are put on a waiting list, despite the very high price, for a plant of Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy'. But unfortunately it turned out that this was not producing new water lily young plants and then could not be multiply. It was never made a real test of resistance to European climates, but DNA analysis showed that the genes of this plant were 50% those of hardy water lilies.

Since 2007, Pairat Songpanich, got other hybrid lily intersubgeneriche and was able to reproduce.

Our experience in the nursery.

For several years these purple water lilies are in the collection of our nursery, It took a while to test them and reproduce them, and we can say that they are plants that resist undoubtedly to -16 ° C (temperature that we have reached for a few nights in 2012) without which none of them is dead or emaciated; acclimatization was difficultwell as the study of a method of reproduction.

Today we can offer these new and surprising hybrids to the public, providing plants already acclimatized and vigorous, which plants import fail to offer.

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