The Sacred Lotus

The Sacred Lotus, since ancient times, is a symbol of purification and of wisdom, its delicate flowers that arise from the water and the leaves water repellent, making it a unique plant and charming, it is also called sacred lotus or Nelumbium.

Contrary to popular belief, we can grow the Lotus outdoors even in Italy and in the regions of Central and Southern Europe. They are perennial water plants, which resist the cold and also tolerate winter temperatures of 20 ° C below 0, but they want to warm and sunny summers to flourish; although not all varieties are suited to our climate, some in fact emit few rhizomes wintering or require longer summers to flower so abundant.

Lotus that are on sale in our nursery, are all produced by us, have exceeded unscathed winters (we reached peaks of -16 ° C) and are extremely vigorous, unlike rhizomes imported from warmer countries that are struggling to acclimatize.

Lotus (Nelumbo is their specific name) that are on the market, are all hybrids derived from two plant species: Nelumbo nucifera and Nelumbo lutea, from these plants were derived varieties truly amazing: look at the varieties we produce.

The Nelumbo nucifera come from Asia and Australia, he has pink flowers which smell slightly of anise.

The Nelumbo lutea comes from America Central and Southern, with pale yellow flowers.

The lotus plants are very easy to grow and with few but essential needs:

  • From March to October takes at least 6 hours of direct light.
  • Must be grown in containers round or oval (they hate the edges).
  • Must be cultivated in pots without holes, are to be avoided all the pots punctured (almost always useless for other water plants)
  • Must be cultivated in pots without holes even if they are placed in a pond or a swimming pond, worth the invasion of the pond.
  • Width must be respected and recommended height for each variety, or flowering will be compromised.