Guide for planting of oxygenating plants

The oxygenating plants are among the most robust and simple to plant. Almost all have the characteristic of being able to emit roots from the stems; In fact, in nature there may be animals that feed on these plants and break or pull, losing some of the plant piece that will then be transported by the current. 

For proper plantation, get the possibly low but wide pots, soil taken in a field, sand and gravel.

    1. Fill the jar to the soil to 3/4.
    2. Put the end with roots in the center of the jar and buried for a few centimeters.
    3. Cover the soil with a thin layer of sand
    4. Covering the layer of sand with a layer of gravel, up to fill the jar.
    5. Place the pot on the bottom of the pond.

Planting in pots is to be preferred in order to better control the amount of oxygenating plants.
In ponds and natural swimming pools, where you want to have a massive presence of marsh plants, we suggest to plant them directly on the seabed.