The hardy waterlilies

When we think of the water plants, the first thing that comes to mind are the water lilies, the central and most important element of any pond or washtub.

Who is not fascinated to see these strange aquatic plants, with their flowers and their leaves that float on the water?
We all know about "Water Lilies" painted by Claud Monet, but few know that the water lilies were the result of the long process of hybridization of his friend Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac, which, since 1875, hybrid Nymphaea alba with native species coming from 'America.

Besides him, today there are many other breeders as Perry's D.Slocum, Kirk Strawn, Pairat Songpanich, Tony Moore, Mike Giles; who, with their skills, have managed to create all kinds of water lilies; Pygmee from the giants with colors ranging from white to purple, through shades of yellow, pink, red and peach.

We can find water lilies very similar but that live at depths significantly different or even who have different extensions; waterlilies simple composed few petals or double, style paeonia, as Gloire du Temple sur Lot, water lilies with green leaves completely or maculature very special as those of water lily Arc en Ciel. Certainly not have colors so bright as tropical water lilies, but their ability to adapt to different climatic and environmental conditions, is hardy water lilies, the undisputed queens of the pond.

All lilies want exposure to full sun or partial shade (shade late afternoon), tolerate winters also very rigid (resist peacefully even at -25 ° C), like a rich soil but heavy.

Each lily has the characteristics:


Now you just need to choose the water lily that is right for you, for a careful choice legete even driving on the choice of the water lily.