Dwarf Water Lilies

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Nymphaea 'Aurora'

Price €18.00

Hardy Waterlily with changing flowers, the first day are yellow - cream the third day are red orange. Variety slow growing and compact, suitable...

Nymphaea 'Indiana'

Price €16.00

Small hardy water lily, changeable, and very floriferous with star-shaped flowers. The first day is yellow - pink and third days are red -...

Nymphaea 'Almost Black'
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Nymphaea 'Perry's Baby Red'

Regular price €20.00 -€6.00 Price €14.00

Hardy Waterlily dwarf but very floriferous. Has cupped flowers of dark red color of 8 cm. A plant occupies an area of 75 cm in diameter....

Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Alba'

Price €18.00

Very dwarf lily, with white star-shaped flowers. It can also be grown in bowls, or be planted in shallow areas of the pond, the rhizome should...