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Acorus calamus

Price €4.00

Sword, bright green leaves. Cultivable along the edges of the pond or the banks of rivers in a sunny position. Aphrodisiac, aromatic, edible...

Carex acutiformis

Price €6.00

Marsh plant composed of an erect stem and triangular leaf. Requires a constantly moist soil or covered with a few centimeters of water....

Carex elata

Price €4.00

Graminaceous plant, native, forming dense clumps of bright green leaves. In late spring produces a narrow inflorescence brown. Suitable for...

Carex hirta

Price €4.00

Interesting native plant, ground cover, from bright green foliage. Excellent in phytoremediation systems and constructed wetlands.

Carex nigra

Price €4.00

Marsh plant, suitable for medium sized ponds. It forms dense clumps of bluish green leaves, is cultivated in the pond edge, on moist soil or...

Carex nigra 'On Line'

Price €7.00

Small variety that forms dense clumps of variegated green leaves of yellow and white, is grown on board the pond. on wet ground or immersed in 5...

Carex obnupta

Price €8.00

Evergreen sedge that forms lovely spots of rigid, light green leaves. The high and pendulous inflorescences are very persistent and gives a...

Carex panicea

Price €7.50

Graminaceous small, marshy evergreen with glaucous-green leaves. To grow even slightly immersed in water. native plant.

Carex paniculata

Price €5.50

The Carex paniculata is a marsh plant very decorative. It forms clumps of narrow leaves bright green, up to 80 cm high. Between...

Carex pseudocyperus

Price €4.00

Carex pseudocyperus is a water plant to grow on edge or pond immersed in a few centimeters of water. Form dense clumps of green...

Carex riparia 'Variegata'

Price €7.50

Marsh plant with variegated leaves, especially in spring, long even one meter. In early summer, it produces spikes of apical brownish color....