Floating plants

Floating plants perform a fundamental function for the aquatic biotope: help the constructed wetlands with their floating roots absorb the organic load in the water and limit the formation of single-celled algae that give the green color to the water, produce oxygen, and provide shelter the fish fry of fish and dragonflies. Their fast growth increases the shading of ponds. Floating plants are on sale from March to October, season permitting.

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Azolla caroliniana

Price €4.00

Small floating aquatic fern looking like moss. It is small in size but form large, dense clusters of seedlings. Very useful in the pond, as...

Eichornia crassipes

Price €4.00

Also called water hyacinth is a floating plant with lilac-colored flowers that resemble those of classic hyacinths.

Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae
  • On sale!

Hydrocharis morsus ranae

Price €3.50

Small floating aquatic plant with pure white flowers. Also suitable for smaller ponds and frost resistant.

Lemna minor

Price €4.00

Tiny floating aquatic plant that loves the stagnant waters. Useful as a plant for water purification and as food for aquatic animals herbivores...

Marsilea quadrifolia

Price €4.50

Aquatic fern with leaves that look like shamrocks floating on the water. Frost resistant and suitable for shallow depths.

Nymphoides peltata

Price €4.00

Ninfeacea with floating leaves heart-shaped and with long and strong stalks. Very hardy plant, also lives on deep water up to 2 meters.

Pistia stratiotes
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Pistia stratiotes

Price €3.00

Pistia stratiotes also called water lettuce is a floating aquatic plant with light green leaves repellent, covered with thick hair.

Potamogeton natans

Price €5.00

Aquatic plant with floating oval leaves green. It should be planted at a depth ranging from 10 cm to 1 meter. Very invasive plant, to be...

Salvinia auriculata

Price €3.50

Floating fern from glaucous green leaves shaped like a boat. Loves water rich and firm.