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Nelumbo '136'

Price €42.00

Sacred Lotus with full bloom and brilliant pink color. Variety average early flowering and abundant.

Nelumbo 'Ben Gibson'

Price €32.00

Double flowers but not too full, deep pink and white. Suitable for small containers. The flowers do not close at night.

Nelumbo 'Camellia Red'

Price €40.00

Average varieties, but very high, by double flowers with showy rose-colored veins.

Nelumbo 'Celebration'

Price €44.00

Variety average small, from large multi petal flowers that are on the first day of deep pink color and the second and third day of light pink...

Nelumbo 'Green Maiden'

Price €25.00

Medium small variety, by simple flowers creamy yellow in the center with white streaks towards the tips, and pink tips.

Nelumbo 'Holy Fire'

Price €44.00

Double red flowers of 20 cm diameter, extremely floriferous variety of exceptional beauty.

Nelumbo 'Joyfull Eyes'

Price €30.00

Small varieties, with flowers of white-tipped pink. Maximum height of 60-100 cm.

Nelumbo 'Loyalty Son'

Price €38.00

Sacred lotus of medium size, has double and very full of dark pink flowers.

Nelumbo 'Moon Lady'

Price €32.00

Lotus with double white flowers full of small petals in the center, variety of small size also suitable for small tubs and tub, abundant...

Nelumbo 'New Red Lotus'

Price €25.00

Sacred Lotus semi-double, medium and small size deep pink flowers from the first day, and white cream the next.

Nelumbo 'Senior Red'

Price €45.00

Double flowers bright pink almost red. Variety of mid-sized, late-flowering which lasts until the end of summer.

Nelumbo 'Winter Chrysanthemum'

Price €45.00

Medium-sized lotus flowers, completely double flowers of white ice, with a few strokes of pink. Very floriferous and easy to grow variety.