New waterplants 2018

In this section you will find news and new introductions that we produce in our aquatic plant nursery, our collection is constantly updated, we are always looking for new varieties of water plants and more.

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Canna x generalis...

Price €15.00

Fabulous reddish foliage, a semi-hardy cane, high up to 2 meters from the red flowers

Iris pseudata 'Hatsuho'

Price €18.00

Water iris, rare, with large and elegant creamy yellow flowers. Late spring flowering. maximum of 20 cm depth.

Iris pseudata 'Pixie Won'

Price €15.00

Iris marsh, flower pastel purple with yellow center. One of the first hybrids of Iris ensata and iris pseudacorus.

Iris pseudata 'Shirabyoshi'

Price €15.00

robust and vigorous plant with white flowers with very pronounced purple streaks, can be up to 15 cm wide.

Iris pseudata 'Shiryukyo'

Price €15.00

late bloomer, but durable (almost 3 weeks), one of the iris by the strongest colors. It reaches 90 cm in height.

Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye...

Price €5.50

Bells that bloom at the beginning of spring that look like snowdrops. This interesting cultivar of Leucojum, is taller and with white flowers...

Nelumbo 'Camellia Red'

Price €40.00

Average varieties, but very high, by double flowers with showy rose-colored veins.

Nelumbo 'Duplicate Pink'

Price €42.00

One of the most spectacular variety of large size and. Flowers filled with almost 200 Petals of pale pink color.

Nelumbo 'Hope'

Price €25.00

Small variety with flowers really special! Long, narrow petals that often writhe, ivory white.

Nelumbo 'Loyalty Son'

Price €38.00

Sacred lotus of medium size, has double and very full of dark pink flowers.

Nelumbo 'Moon Lady'

Price €32.00

Lotus with double white flowers full of small petals in the center, variety of small size also suitable for small tubs and tub, abundant...