Hardy waterlilies on sale

Among the plants for pond, the water lilies are the most beautiful and fascinating. They live in calm waters, bloom from May to September with bright flowers of many colors and shades. The waterlilies are hardy plants very robust; that do not require special requirements. In winter they spend the winter under a thick layer of ice and early spring begin to resume their force until the first cold where you come into dormancy. The lilies are an element that can not miss in an ornamental lake. In our e-commerce online lilies are on sale from mid-April to mid-October, season permitting.

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Nymphaea 'Albatross'

Price €14.50

Waterlily with flower-shaped cup with petals very long and pointed, the intense white color. Variety of medium-large size can get to cover an...

Nymphaea 'Almost Black'

Price €28.00

As you can tell from the name, this water lily produces red flowers cupped dark red nearly black. A plant occupies an area of 1.4 square meters....

Nymphaea 'American Star'

Price €20.00

Hardy Waterlily with flashy star-shaped flowers of deep pink color, occupies a space of 120 cm. Suitable for medium to large ponds with a depth...

Nymphaea 'Arc en Ciel'
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Nymphaea 'Arc en Ciel'

Regular price €18.00 -€4.00 Price €14.00

With its green leaves variegated with yellow-orange, this lily is really special. Has flowers that emerge from the water, star-shaped pinkish...

Nymphaea 'Atropurpurea'

Price €18.00

Hardy Waterlily red, star-shaped flowers with a full 18 cm in diameter, dark red. Occupies an area of 120 cm² and should be placed at a depth of...

Nymphaea 'Attraction'

Price €23.00

Hardy Water Lily, very floriferous with star-shaped flowers of degrees sizes of deep red color with white petals baseline, this water lily...

Nymphaea 'Aurora'

Price €18.00

Hardy Waterlily with changing flowers, the first day are yellow - cream the third day are red orange. Variety slow growing and compact, suitable...

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Nymphaea 'Barbara Dobbins'

Regular price €18.00 -30% Price €12.60

Waterlily medium size with large flowers of cream color with a slight pinkish halo in the center, occupies an area of 1.2 square meters and must...

Nymphaea 'Bernice Ikins'

Price €45.00

Hardy Waterlily with star-shaped flowers of deep pink color and very fragrant. Occupies an area of 120 cm² and should be put to a depth of 30-...

Nymphaea 'Black Princess'

Price €30.00

Beautiful dark red flowers of 14 cm in diameter, a water lilies the darkest on the market. Suitable for medium to large ponds. Not sensitive to...

Nymphaea 'Georgia Peach'
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Nymphaea 'Burgundy Princess'

Regular price €17.50 -30% Price €12.25

Hardy water lily blossoms with deep red; variety of small in size, occupies an area of 60 cm² and should be planted at a depth of 20 - 50 cm....

Nymphaea 'Candidissima'

Price €13.00

Hardy Waterlily with simple white flowers shaped like a cup. It occupies a space of 0.8 m in diameter and must be planted at a depth of 40 - 60...

Nymphaea 'Celebration'

Price €26.00

Hardy water lily, pink, very floriferous with large fragrant flowers pink fuchsia. It should be planted at a depth ranging from 60 to 90 cm. A...

Nymphaea 'Charles de...

Price €20.00

Haedy lily, red, very floriferous with cupped flowers of 15 cm. Leaves are light green in color which tend to become olive green with age....

Nymphaea 'Clyde Ikins'

Price €24.00

Hardy Waterlily peach very early and with flowers that emerge much from surface of the water and very fragrant. Closes the flowers in the...

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Nymphaea 'Colonel A.J. Welch'

Regular price €15.00 -30% Price €10.50

Yellow Hardy Waterlily suitable to great depths. Has flowers, antique yellow, emerging and starry. We recommend a planting depth of 1 to 3...