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  • Iris ensata

    Iris ensata and iris kaempferi are synonymous but to be fair we report them divided in the same way that we were able to find the mother plants. They are aquatic iris and may be cultivated in soil covered by 3 - 5 cm of water even though this solution is not indispensable. Used in the creation of traditional Japanese gardens for borders of water basins. very hardy plants.

  • Iris laevigata
  • Iris Louisiana
  • Ieris Pseudacorus
  • Iris pseudata

    Iris x pseudata, derived from hybridization of Iris pseudacorus with Japanese Iris (Iris ensata) and were created to bring the yellow to Iris ensata. From this junction were born sterile but vigorous plants with blooms that last up to three weeks. They are grown in the pond surrounded by up to 20 cm of water. A rarity, especially in Europe.

  • Iris setosa
  • Iris versicolor
  • Other species

    Other species and varieties of aquatic iris and marsh can not be classified in the other species, and iris interspecific. Always they love the wet or the water and produce beautiful flowers. Hardy plants that can stand the cold and offering spectacular blooms

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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items