Tropical waterlilies

The tropical water lilies are water plants that love the warm and sunny climates. In the colder months, they also like the hardy waterlilies go dormant and will be repaired during the winter.

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  • Tropical Dayblooming...

    Contrary to popular belief, the tropical water lilies are waterplants easy to grow. Differ from hardy waterlilies for the color, lively and flamboyant flowers, also have color purple, violet and blue that there are only in the latest varieties of hardy water lilies. The flowers are emerging and open from morning until late afternoon; Also the amount of flowers they produce is amazing.

  • Tropical Night bloom...

    We are often asked what is the sense to cultivate a water lily that blooms at night. These water lilies bloom after sunset until late morning, and for those who work during the day and see the water lilies always closed, these are a great alternative. Tropical water lilies are very easy to grow, can live in a large bowl; and in the cool summer evenings, why not enjoy the garden with a nightbloom water lily also?

  • Giant Waterlilies
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items