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    Water iris that can be placed up to 30 cm deep. It has green leaves, narrow and sharp as high as 70 cm, and blooms from May to June with purple flowers. Not sensitive to frost.

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    Hardy Waterlily very floriferous with flowers of scarlet red with peaks faded and streaked white, occupies an area of 1.4 square meters and must be planted at a depth of 40-80 cm. This lily is considered one of the most floriferous, tolerates Partial shade.

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    4,00 €
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    Water Iris with white linear flowers, has green sword leaves and rhizome green. It is cultivated immersed in 10 cm of water or damp soil, in partial shade or full sun. Do not stand the cold. Reaches 80 cm in height.

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    Iris marsh, flower pastel purple with yellow center. One of the first hybrids of Iris ensata and iris pseudacorus.

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Arborea Farm

Specialists in water plants

We are a young nursery and we specialize in Water plants: water lilies, lotus; marsh plants, plants for moist soil and phytoremediation. Our inspiration is the passion for this microworld that pushes us to research, experiment and produce even rare and unusual varieties. In our site you will find on sale only plants that self-produce.