Spedizione in paesi UE.

Le piante che spediamo:

Il nostro vivaio di piante acquatiche si trova in Italia, nei pressi di Treviso, che si trova a 30 km da Venezia.

Le piante sono coltivate all'aperto, ad eccezione di ninfee tropicali e altre piante palustri tropicali.

Le dimensioni e lo sviluppo delle piante segue quindi il clima del Nord Italia ed è possibile controllare le temperature di riferimento per le città come Venezia, Milano o Torino.

Shipping to EU countries.

The plants we ship:

Our nursery of water plants is located in Italy, near Treviso which is 30 km from Venice.

The plants are grown outdoors, with exception of tropical water lilies and other tropical marsh plants.

The size and development of the plants therefore follows the climate of Northern Italy and you can check the reference temperatures for cities such as Venice, Milan or Turin)

The costs and shipping methods for EU countries:

Our nursery can ship the waterplants without major problems of bureaucracy in these states: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, MaltaUnited Kingdom.

Shipping charges: The best price for the parcels in the member countries of the European community amounts to € 28.00.
  The time of delivery is 5-7 working days from sending.

Delivery and tracking of the package:

At the time of packing, you will receive an email with the tracking number, you can monitoring the status of your shipment from the time when the package arrives at the warehouse sorting (the evening of the same day) at: http://www.sda.it/ by entering the code of your package in the box "Search international shipping."

Delivery is between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. It 'important that the shipping address you entered during the order confirmation is complete with street number, post code, city and state and that at the time of delivery, there is a person in the house who can pick up your package.
If this is not possible, during the choosing your shipping address, enter the address of a trusted person who can receive your package, or leave a message near the bell indicating that the courier to leave the package even if you are not in home.

We remind you that the courier will deliver to the road surface or the ground floor.

Packing of the plants:

The plants are packed in an appropriate way, and in some cases will be sent without pot to reduce damage.  

The plants that reach dimensions that do not allow the shipment, will be pruned or bent: this procedure is not going to affect the engraftment and in health and vigor of the plant.
During transport, some plants may be damaged or deteriorations that, as a rule, are not going to affect in the establishment, it is recommended to plant immediately.

N.B. In case of non-delivery of the package caused by recipient absent or incorrect or incomplete address, we decline all responsibility for delays or poor condition of the plants.
For parcels which are not withdrawn from stock within 2 days from date of shipment, we declines all responsibility on the establishment of the plants.